NEW! Magical Fairy Wings' Photo Sessions

I am absolutely over the moon to now offer parents this beautiful style of Photo Session.

Having shyed away from it in the past due to the set up for the more traditional Fairy Experience being far too cumbersome for my small (but perfectly formed) studio, I could not shake the feeling that I wanted to do this but wanted to put my own style of photography into it.

So I experiemented with it by combining my traditional Fine Art Photography with some digital magic, in lieu of actually having a rock, trees and river in the studio!

Here’s one of the images which is the final result, and I LOVE it!

These images are protected by UK Copyright Laws. Please do not copy, crop, or remove watermark, for any purpose. If you would like to share it, that’s great! Please share the link to this page and not the images themselves. Thank you!


Feeling happy with the above image I decided that simply adding a magical touch to images which were, obviously, studio-based could also work and would very likely appeal to some parents over and above the more elaborate digital scene of the first image…

I am equally happy with the following two images!


I also wanted to be able to take this style on to Great Outdoors Photography, which I love!


How It Works!

  • You choose the style of Photo Session you want - Studio or Great Outdoors;

  • I will photograph the session and use the studio gowns for that lovely fairy-like look - Or you are welcome to bring your child’s own outfit;

  • I will then edit the images to add the magical Fairy Wings and a magical sparkly look!

If you like this style of Fairy Wings look, get in touch and we can chat about booking your child’s Fairy Wings Photo Session!

Call me on 07824 312561 or Book Online by going to the gallery page - Click HERE.

Andrea de Gabriel