The Photography Workshops Are Here & Now Booking!

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If you are an amateur photographer, just starting out, and feel a little bit at a loss regarding the very real challenges which getting an image to look right can present, you need not panic...

All photographers, amateur or professional, have to start somewhere and most of us have received some help and guidance with improving our skills.

I have been a professional photographer for fifteen years and I can assure you that ongoing training is still, very much, a part of my professional life - and will always be so!

Maybe you were given a camera as a gift, or bought one, and never really had the time to start using it. Maybe you just felt at a loss looking at the manual (and who hasn't?!) and gave up.

There are many reasons why people give up on enjoying the very real pleasure of getting out with their camera and using it, and I am here to tell you that you need not give up.

I would love to help you with starting out, and improving, your understanding of photography by building up your knowledge from the most basic elements of what makes up a good photograph, to tips and tricks to creat images you will be proud to show off.

I am now offering outdoors/walkabout workshops which are very much geared towards practical photography skills, rather than simply theory, and you will learn as you use your camera.

The groups are very small indeed, with only two participants at a time, in order to ensure you learn in a comfortable environment and at a pace which will allow for questions to be asked.

Why not consider taking the workshop with your partner? It is a great outdoor activity to share, and I offer a reduced rate for those booking as a couple!

The workshops are currently for adults aged 18 and over and I plan to, in future, offer classes for children also.

If you would like to find out more about the workshops, click on the below button and check all the details - From there you can also go on to book your place.

The first workshop will be about understanding and working with natural light, and will take place on the 9th September.

I hope to see you there and help you to make the most of your camera!

Andrea de Gabriel