Photography Workshops


Learn To Take Better Photos!

If you would like to learn more about photography and how to take better photos, but are unsure where to start, here's your chance to learn some new techniques. 

The Photography Workshops are for those who wish to improve their photography and gain a better understanding of light and composition, in the Great Outdoors. They are also great fun!

Photography is regarded as a wonderful way to relax and get your imagination fired up, as well as adding a valuable portion of gentle exercise and fresh air into the mix.

Read about the Workshops and book your place today!

A Little About Me & My Work

I am Andrea de Gabriel, and I run My Only Sunshine Fine Art & Lifestyle Portraiture & Andrea de Gabriel Weddings.

In early 2003 I attended college and obtained a Photography Certification, prior to setting up my business.

I later was privileged to have one-to-one tuition with one of the most accomplished and published UK Landscape Photographers, based in the Peak District.

To this day I continue to enjoy landscape photography, and though I mainly now concentrate on People Photography as my main business, I still photograph landscapes for my work with M.O.S Designs.

I have been a professional photographer since establishing my business in 2003, and work full-time, as a professional photographer, from my home studio in Nuneaton. I am fully insured, and a member of The Guild of Photographers.

About The Workshops

If you are interested in booking your place, here's what you'll need to know...

Who are these workshops right for?

These workshops are for amateur photographers who are just starting out, or whom are wanting to improve their technique.

If you regard yourself as an accomplished amateur, with many years experience, these workshops are, most likely, not for you as I will be covering the basics of good technical practices for those starting out.

The classes are for adults only, over 18 years of age.

What is the cost of the workshop?

The cost is £55 per person and includes the handout, my tuttelage, and post-workshop critique of images, if desired.

I also have a dedicated Workshops' Group on Facebook, which you may join afterwards, for continued support, more photography tips, and critiques, if required!

Do I need any special equipment?

You will, ideally, have:

  • A DSLR camera, and know the basics of how to operate it

  • A standard lens (35mm or 50mm) or a zoom lens with a range of focal lenghts

  • A compatible flash unit

  • A memory card

  • A sturdy tripod (optional)

Please contact me if you have any questions about the above requirement.

How many participants will there be, per workshop?

Workshop size is a maximum of two persons per workshop.

What will I learn?

The aim of these workshops is not to simply capture lovely images, but to teach participants how to do this. I will cover different subjects in each workshop, and some of the most requested (and useful) are:

  • Understanding and using available light

  • Composition

  • Using fill flash

All workshops will cover the following subjects, which I consider to be a must:

  • Common sense safety tips

  • The basics of UK Copyright Law and how it applies to your photos

  • Understanding of the law whilst photographing in public places

Which subjects will we photograph?

We will cover landscape photography as well as locations of interest.

Will you give feedback on my photos?

Yes! If you want feedback on the images you have taken, this is included in the workshop's cost. You may submit your five favourite images for feedback, via Dropbox. The details will be given to all attendees with the handouts given at class.

How long will the workshop last?

The workshop will last two hours. The first 15 minutes will be dedicated to introductions, "staying safe" guidelines, and going over the  schedule.

Where will the workshop take place?

Workshops will take place in and around Nuneaton parks and places of interest.

We will stay at the same location for the duration.

Please be mindful that there may be parking charges at some locations, so please check the location's website or search online for parking charges info, prior to the arrival.

To check the location, subject being covered and date of workshops, please see details on the Workshop Calendar & Availability Page.

What is the best way to dress for the workshop?

It is very important to be comfortable and keep your feet dry when photographing outside.

Good walking/hiking footwear is a must, regardless of where we are photographing. Fabric trainers and any sort of heels, are not advised.

For Autumn or Winter, a waterproof overcoat is advisable.

For Spring or Summer, you may wear lighter garments, but given that a sudden downpour is always possible, please bring a light raincoat in your bag/backpack.

When will the workshops take place?

They will take place on Sunday mornings from 10:00 a.m., initially.

If there is demand, I will be happy to add weekday workshops.

Will you provide written materials?

I will provide a handout with details of the law regarding photography in public places, and the basics of UK Copyright Law, but I believe there is no substitute for actually using your camera in order to learn!

However, you are welcome to bring along pen and paper in order to take notes.

What happens if it rains on the day of the workshop?

Given the vagueries of the British weather this is not beyond the realms of possibility and, as such, we will re-schedule the workshop, subject to availabilty, for the next most suitable date.

All participants booked on the day will be contacted by phone at least an hour before the start if we need to cancel due to poor weather conditions, and will be offered the next available date with priority booking.

Can I get a refund if I change my mind or need to cancel?

Yes, you may request a refund by emailing me within 2 days of making your booking, provided your workshop is not due within those 2 days.

If your workshop is due in fewer than two days, you will receive a credit to book another day, instead of a refund.

Will I get a refund if you have to cancel?

Yes. In this case you will be offered the option of a full refund or the chance to book an alternative date.

How do I book a place on the workshop?

Please click below to check availability where you will also see a link to the booking store, where you can make your payment and book your class.

Do you offer workshops in other subjects, such as portraiture, weddings or still life?

I currently do not offer workshops on other subjects.